Richmond, Virginia is home to many extraordinary artists. From stylists to photographers, RVA has them all. This page is dedicated to upcoming artists who believes in their brand and ours. 

My name is Kahlaney, I'm an 18 year old makeup artist/hair stylist/stylist/model and the list goes on. I'm originally from New York, and have been living in Virginia for quite a while now. I'm very passionate about what i do and intend on turning this into a career. My love of art really made me want to be a make up artist in the beginning. I felt wonderful enhancing other people's beauty so I never turned back. I plan on perfecting my craft even more every day. The hardest part about building my brand in Virginia is that everyone is trying to do the same thing. It hasn't effected me too much but that can be a struggle at times. For any one looking to do make up I can give you a few tips. Never forget to BLEND! always make sure your make up goes with your skin tone and never do your eyebrows too dark. I will be starting my YouTube channel very soon so don't worry, I will take care of all of you! I would have to say that my family is my biggest inspiration, they are all such a big influence on my life. They keep me going and I thank them so much for that.

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